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Solar Hot Water

Hot, Hot, Hot Water 4 Your Home with Solar Energy

The Time is NOW

If you live in a single-family home in Florida and you're spending more than $50.00 per month on hot water, you should switch to an energy-efficient solar water hot water system.

Solar Hot Water

Similarly, any apartment building owner who supplies hot water from a central system should make the move to solar heated water NOW.

Not only will the savings more than cover the installation costs over time, you also may be eligible for significant tax credits.

When you switch to solar hot water, we'll install clean, efficient solar panels on your roof and replace your existing hot water heater with an extra-large capacity hot water heater.

Unlike the space-saver water heaters you see advertised, which use a tremendous amount of energy to flash-heat a small amount of water, solar energy heats your water throughout the day at little or no use of energy from your utility. Storing a greater amount of solar hot water ensures that you have plenty of hot water throughout the night.

As a backup, to make sure you have hot water on those winter days when there is not much sun, your hot water heater will be connected to a traditional energy system (gas or electric). Should the sun not be doing enough to keep your water hot, the power from your utility will kick in.

Based on your current usage, we can show you how much your solar system will cost you and how much you should expect to save over time.

To determine if making the move to solar hot water is right for you, Ask Solar Sam or call us at

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