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Solar Energy Systems and Services FAQ

The question we are asked most is about "getting off the grid," so we've created a separate page for that one.

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Are all domestic solar hot water systems alike?


Not at all. Many companies sell "passive" solar systems in which only the water in the collector itself is hot at any one time. That means that on a cool January evening, you're not going to have solar hot water. We install only "passive direct" solar systems wherein the water is heated in the solar collector and stored in a very large, insulated hot water heater so that you have solar hot water when you want it.

Can I really save money with solar heated domestic hot water?


Yes, if you are spending $50 a month or more on heating your hot water.

Generally speaking, if you live in a home with more than two people you will almost certainly save money over the life of your system if you use solar heated water.

How does solar air conditioning work?


The SolCool solar air conditioning units we install run on 20 amps at 120 volts, which is 1/3 the power needed for a conventional two-ton air conditioning unit.

The solar panel charges the battery, which operates when the grid is down. With a more robust array of solar panels, the SolCool unit can be operated completely with solar power and is an essential part of any "hurricane safe" room.

What's the difference between your pool heating system and others?


Most manufacturers of solar collectors for pool heating make radiator-like panels with large tubes through which the water flows and is heated.

The problem with those systems is that only a small percentage (around 30%) of the water comes in contact with the surface area of the collector, so it's not an efficient system.

In contrast, the collectors we install have many small channels through with the water flows, allowing over 70% of the surface area of the water to come in direct contact with the collector.

Your pool will heat faster and keep you more comfortable, while reducing your dependence on an auxillary heating source.

Do you do only pool solar heating?


No. While pool and spa solar heating is an important part of our business, we are equally adept at designing and installing photovoltaic (electrical) and solar hot water systems.

Also, it's important to note that we are licensed as a commercial solar contractor, so we can work on commercial structures as well. Many solar contractors are licensed only for residential work.

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